Bunky Odom

A North Carolina native, Bunky launched his career by booking beach music bands in the Carolinas, and in early 1969, Phil Walden, co-founder of Capricorn Records, offered him a position with his company. Bunky would go on to become Vice President of Phil Walden and Associates with the responsibility of developing The Allman Brothers Band. Duane chose him to be the man in the office, and during this time, he would be in charge of the day-to-day course of The Allman Brothers Band's career as well as that of The Marshall Tucker Band, Wet Willie, Cowboy, Dr. John, and Alex Taylor. Along the way he formed great relationships with Col. Bruce Hampton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Outlaws, The Charlie Daniels Band, John Hammond and Johnny Jennings, who toured with the Phil Walden bands. Bunky, along with Sam Cutler, was also instrumental in putting together the legendary Summer Jam at Watkins Glen July 28, 1973, the largest one-day festival in history. It drew an audience of 600,000 and featured The Allman Brothers Band, The Band and The Grateful Dead. In 1981, Bunky semi-retired to the South Carolina coast and later re-entered the music business in when he was appointed Manager of Derek Trucks by the Family Court in Jacksonville, FL until Derek reached the age of 19. Whether he is actively involved in the business or not, music has been a constant in his life because as Duane once put it, “Bunky went on to be a Roads Scholar.”
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